tôt tard theatre & arts co.

June 2016. Spyros D. Michalopoulos new play "Hesties" was presented in the National Theatre Greece. 11-12 June 2016. 

2016. Agelita Tsougou's award-winning short film "Encounters", directed by Dustin Mansfield, is currently in post-production. Take a look at Living Is Believing, the film's main concept.

June 2016. Tate Britain hosted Vanilla and Concrete, the show of one of tôt tard's permanent collaborators: Rallou Panagiotou.

Sex Lexicon

by Spyros D. Michalopoulos

A co-production between tôt tard theatre co. and 104.

Opens October 2016

building projects we believe in

July 2016. ​tôt tard's artistic director Agelita Tsougou collaborated with New York based OYL theatre company in the project Chorus Agon. More soon.

More about us

Tôt is the french word for early and tard the french word for late. The work of tôt tard theatre co. is dedicated to the memory of actor and friend 
Babis Gousias, who joined our company too late, and departed this world way too early. His infinite artistic genius will always be treasured and missed.

April 2014