The company chooses to produce, co-produce or collaborate in a project, depending on how exhilarating, risk-taking and provocative the project is. We make bold artistic choices and create innovative shows -of modern and classical repertoire- that broadens horizons and investigates life stories, ​paying equal significance to words and image alike.

tôt tard theatre & arts co.has an inclination to certain categories of shows: plays by innovative writers, adaptations of classical literature with a contemporary approach, new writing with a sociopolitical aspect, devised work, dance & performance. ​ 

Based in Athens, Greece.

Tôt tard theatre & arts co.was formed in 2005 by director, writer and performer 
Agelita Tsougou. Since then, the company has collaborated with incredibly talented and successful international artists,
​most of which have been included in the company's permanent team.

Ermira Goro - Director/Choreographer

Paulina Caranastassi - Producer 

Rallou Panagiotou - Visual Artist 

Spyros Michalopoulos - Journalist/Playwright 

Katerina Maragoudaki - Lighting Designer/Director of Photography 

Sunny Hatziargyri - Actress

Angelos Frentzos - Fashion Designer 

Aris Siafas - Composer/Singer 

Margarita Myrogianni - Visual Artist/Photographer 

Theodora Katsifi - Writer 

Haris Germanidis - Photographer

Georgia Tsangaraki - Actress/Writer